Location Caterers to the Film & Television Industry

Are you looking for a television caterer that provides their customers with exceptional service, quality, and consistency?

At Tele-Cater, we’ve been doing this since 1977. We’ve built a reputation that’s allowed us to be vetted and on the supplier lists of some big names like BBC, ITV, BSKYB, and Lime pictures.

Why did they choose us? Well, apart from being fully trained with food handler certificates, we pride ourselves on keeping ahead of all new legislation in this area to ensure our customers get the highest standards.

Once the health and hygiene issues are ticked off the checklist, you’ll find fantastic food on offer and top facilities in our fleet of vehicles. Our customers trust us to provide the very best in television catering. We understand the needs of the crew and we’re happy to accommodate dietary requirements. After all, happy crews make the best shows.

Healthy, happy, well-fed crews 

So what kinds of food will you be eating? We offer a large choice of homemade soups with freshly baked bread; colourful, crunchy salads; tapas-style buffet; and a variety of main meals, including fish and vegetarian options.

We’ve listened to feedback from our customers and tailored our menu accordingly. We know that healthy eating needs to be made an option and our food gives customers that choice.

No longer will you hear your crew saying “What can I have?” while standing in the lunchtime queue. They’ll be delighted at the menu on offer and will instead ask “What shall I have?”

Contact us today

We’re based in the North West but are the ideal choice for any location. We’re always happy to talk through your needs and how we can help. Get in touch with us for a forthcoming shoot quote without obligation.

Choose Tele-Cater if you’re the following:

  • You want to feel safe in the hands of a location caterer that’s been vetted by all the major TV companies and has many years of experience
  • You’d prefer to use modern catering units complete with both water and waste tanks
  • You must see full and varied menus every day
  • You want to benefit from brilliant savings and work with a caterer that is efficient
  • You want the service of fully trained and flexible staff who provide a 1st class service
  • You require a dining bus service
  • Your set is within the UK or Europe