Tele-Cater has been catering for the television industry for 37 years – that’s nearly four decades of catering experience.

We have bases in North West UK and Southern Spain, and we’ve been the choice of caterers for sets from Falmouth in Cornwall to Gairlock in the Highlands of Scotland. And we’re happy to go everywhere in-between or even international. Examples of our visited locations include London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Spain, Germany, Malta, Amsterdam, Swizerland, and France.

Tele-Cater has supplied the catering for the BBC, ITV, BSKYB and Lime pictures and are on their lists of approved suppliers. We pride ourselves on offering tailored menus for every set we cater for. We know that each set has its own needs and requirements so we’ll never offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We’re also dedicated to cleanliness, hygiene and food safety. Our equipment and facilities are fully compliant with the latest food and hygiene legislation, plus we’re trained in menu planning and nutrition, safe food levels 1,2 & 3, first aid, HACCP, and health and safety in the catering industry.

We make sure our menus have a large range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. We source ingredients locally to make sure the food is of the highest quality. Because of this, the menu options tend to be seasonal, so you can be sure you’ll get the freshest ingredients.

We understand the importance of delivering a consistent, quality catering service from breakfast through to wrap on a daily basis, whilst being able to deal with the never ending challenges and changes specific to location filming.